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Boeing’s Museum of Flight

Concorde at the Museum of Flight

Long before Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon.com (and the whole dot com craze for that matter) Seattle was all about Boeing. Even now, since their headquarters moved to Chicago, Boeing is still the Seattle area’s largest employer and a huge presence in the community. Besides all the obvious benefits to our local economy, Seattleites have long enjoyed Boeing’s…

Heading Into the Kenai Peninsula

Turnagain Arm

If you plan to explore the Kenai Peninsula by car, as we did, plan on a considerable amount of driving. If driving time is alright with you (the scenery is wonderful and wildlife sightings are common) then give yourselves at least two weeks to fully appreciate the area.

Once an Alaskan…

Baby Boy in the Sun in Homer

Growing up within the boundaries of Glacier Bay National Park left an imprint so profound that I’ll always feel part “Alaskan.” Never mind that we moved to Washington State when I was seven; seven years in a place so special leaves its mark.