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Tidepooling and Kayaking in Kachemak Bay

Leather Star starfish

This is the second installment in my series of posts about Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge including information about enjoying some of these same activities whether you’re staying there or not. Not many kids can say they’ve touched an octopus but my son is now proud to lay claim to this experience.

Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge

China Poot Peak

This is the first installment of several posts about the Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge. It is such an extraordinary destination that there is a lot to share–look for upcoming posts about tidepooling, kayaking, and more. Just a short boat ride from Homer, tucked along the shore of China Poot Bay, the Katchemak Bay Wilderness Lodge caters…

Visiting the San Juan Islands with Kids

Orcas passing San Juan Island

I love the sea. I am happiest with my toes in the sand, listening to waves lap along the shore, searching for shells and beach treasures, paddling along in a kayak and hoping to glimpse any kind of marine life. My favorite vacations always include water and I’m grateful that we live close enough to…