Foraging Alaska-Style

When we weren’t out fishing or crabbing, I remember picking wild blueberries and snipping fiddlehead ferns as a child growing up in Glacier Bay National Park. The bounty that Alaska has to offer is mind boggling and most of the time, the scenery in which you are harvesting is beautiful beyond belief.

Our kids loved being part of the dining experience by digging clams, picking mussels, and trying their hand at fishing while we stayed at Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge. The lodge makes it easy by providing waterproof pants, hip boots, and all the gear you’ll need to participate in some good old-fashioned Alaskan foraging.

Kids in Rowboat

The tide was so low that the rowboat could be “walked” across the water

Kids Picking Mussels

Picking mussels



Kids riding in rowboat

As usual, the boat turned into the main attraction. Here are the kids with Morgan McBride who kindly rowed them to and fro

Fishing Boy

William getting help with his line and reel

Fishing Girl

Sara trying to catch a big one

Beach time

When they got tired of fishing, the lovely Shannon McBride made a beach fire for the kids


My sad little sculpin catch — this bony little guy swam away unharmed

If you aren’t in a hunting and gathering mood, you may want to ask a guide to take you over to the nearby artist community of Halibut Cove by boat. Or they are happy to simply take you out on the water to view wildlife around the Bay. Common Murre, Eagles, Cormorants, Kittiwakes, and Puffins are just a few of the birds we saw and a lovely pair of Sea Otters kept popping up as well.

Gull Island

Gull Island

Common Murre

Common Murre

Otter Pair

Curious Sea Otters

Sea Otter close-up

Halibut Cove

Halibut Cove



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