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Despite the amazing daily activities at Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge, some of the most memorable moments were during our downtime.

Inspiration:  Since they are avid collectors of Alaskan art, beautiful works are found in every building but my favorite pieces were the McBride family’s handiwork all around the property. From the seashell collections lining a few mirrors to the perfectly balanced driftwood mobiles, their artful placement of found objects combined with lush, natural gardens is truly beautiful.

Driftwood Mobiles at Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge

Michael’s Driftwood Mobiles

Kachemak Bay Buoys

Inventive “privacy screen” made from buoys.

Solarium:  This lovely light-filled public room overlooks the water. Appetizers, beer, and wine are available here nightly before dinner. The room is always open, however, and it’s a great place to cozy up to a fire or, as our children quickly discovered, to bang on some piano keys and toot a trombone.

Kachemak Bay Solarium and Music Room

They were quite the musical duo on this rainy afternoon

Sauna and Hot Tub:  Guests are encouraged to sign up for private time in the wood burning Sauna and/or Hot Tub. Our kids didn’t care for the heat of the sauna but they had a great time in the hot tub.

Sauna at Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge

The private sauna with hot tub on the other side

Sandy Beach: A short walk from the cabins, this sandy little stretch of beach is a fun and relaxing place to hang out. The kids loved collecting dry wood for beach fires, searching for lovely shells, and watching Chenik wade.

Chenik at Sandy Beach

Hammock: For those of us who don’t have one at home, this is quite a novelty. Add the incredible backdrop of the ocean and snow-capped mountains in the distance and you have your own piece of paradise.

Hammock at Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge

This photo is actually from our trip 5 years earlier (as you can tell from “baby” William peeking out). Good times spent in the hammock on both visits.

Chenik: The McBride’s dear black lab, Chenik, is always willing to join you for a walk, making your experience feel even more like a home away from home.

Chenik the dog

Possibly world’s cutest dog, Chenik (at Sandy Beach)

S’mores:  When our 4th of July plans were (literally) dampened by rain, a fire was made in our cabin along will all the necessary supplies for S’mores. Forget fireworks, our kids were much happier with marshmallows.

Thumbs up for s'mores

Two thumbs up (Sara is still working on this move) for s’mores

Walks:  Extensive hiking trails surround the lodge and because of the extremely low tides on our day of departure, we actually needed to walk to Peterson Bay where a boat could meet us with our luggage then take us back to Homer. That little trek ended up being yet another wonderful adventure that included sampling native plants, finding bear tracks, gathering seashells, and even more tide pool exploration.

William nibbling edible native plants

William sampling an edible native plant called Goose Tongue (it’s kind of salty)

Peterson Bay

Sara in the tide flats of Peterson Bay

Circling Bear Tracks

Circling Bear Tracks (and just having fun making circles) in the black sands of Peterson Bay

All The Comforts of Home:  Last but not least, the Coffee and Hot Cocoa is always flowing at Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge, and the cookie jar is always full.

Sara with Chenik

Did we mention Chenik? Oh yes, I think about 20 times… we fell a little in love with this sweet old pup

Waving Goodbye from Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge

Goodbye but not forever, we will be back (from left to right, two lucky guests staying longer than we were, Shannon, Dan, and Chenik)

Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge website, China Poot Bay, Homer, AK, 907-235-8910, email

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